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Benefits of Green Cleaning – Healthy for Productivity & Profits

The Benefits of Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning is a popular concept, but what does it really mean?
The term “green cleaning” highlights the need to clean up the cleaning processes and products themselves. Many commonly used methods and products contain, add, or leave environmental pollutants or may cause harm in other ways that might not be obvious.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning What are the benefits of a green cleaning program?

Using environmentally friendly cleaning products is better for everyone involved — from staff, visitors and guests, to the maintenance crew. Studies have shown lowered rates of skin, eye and respiratory irritation, fewer chemical sensitivities, less severe allergies and decreased headaches and nausea when cleaning contractors use green cleaning products.

Green cleaning can improve indoor air quality. Many commonly-used cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can affect indoor air quality. Using green products also lessens or eliminates chemicals that can affect water quality.

recycle iconBeyond the health aspects of green cleaning, the process provides benefits to the building. Combining safer products with proper chemical storage, use and disposal, decreases the chances of fires, spills and explosions. If there is a spill or other incident, there is less risk of harm to workers, visitors and building staff.

Green Cleaning is healthy for profitability and productivity!

As their popularity and availability increase, Green products have come down in price and gone up in quality. Once you factor in the potential hazards and storage issues of standard chemicals, you can actually save money by using environmentally safe cleaning products, while keeping a high level of cleanliness.

More and more employees and customers are demanding environmentally friendly practices these days. A “green image” is good for the environment, good for your employees and good for your bottom line! Implementing a green cleaning program can give you an important edge in marketing your company or your office building.dollar-sign-1

Using energy efficient equipment and focusing on regular preventive maintenance will lower expenses and replacement costs. If you haven’t incorporated green cleaning products and techniques into your business, now is the time to consider making the change.

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Benefits of Green Cleaning - Healthy for Productivity & Profits
The benefits of green cleaning in an office environment. Be kind to your employees, customers, the planet, and your wallet. Make the change now!
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