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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post-Construction Clean Up

For better or for worse, the cleanliness of the site is the first thing your clients will see. Sloppiness shows. And delays cost.

Majestic Building Maintenance will eliminate these negatives to guarantee that both you – and your books – look good.

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Post Construction Clean Up: Surfaces and Materials

As an authority on the many surfaces and materials in your buildings, Majestic also stands ready to consult with you about their ongoing care beyond the post-construction clean up process. Call on us to work with facilities managers, engineers, and architects, to plan for the expense of continuing maintenance. We can address questions such as the following:

  • How can you ensure everyone on your team understands the diverse surfaces and materials used in your properties – and that they know which products prevent corrosion and staining versus causing it?
  • How can you control cleaning costs through team-based crews?
  • Do you need a liaison between the tenants and their various maintenance vendors after the project is done?
  • How can you make a more “green” facility through smarter selection of cleaning products?

Consult us early enough in your project, and you will see measurable results in every phase right through completion.


I want to take this opportunity to commend you for the work you have done for us. When we had difficulty with a previous janitorial provider, your company stepped in and delivered the services we needed. I am grateful that you provide a full-line of cleaning services at fair and competitive rates. John C.